How Paracetamol Works

Paracetamol is recommend as a first-line treatment when dealing with pain.

Paracetamol is available in a wide range of formats – tablets, capsules and soluble tablets. The soluble tablet format gets to works two times faster than standard paracetamol tables alone.*

Caffeine, in combination with paracetamol, acts as a stimulant that may improve pain relief.**

* based on absorption data

** Cochrane. Caffeine as an analgesic adjuvant for acute pain in adults.

Solpa-Extra 500 mg/65 mg Soluble Tablets. For the treatment of mild to moderate pain. Always read the leaflet. Solpa-Sinus film-coated tablets. For relief of nasal congestion when combined with fever and/or pain such as, sore throat, sinus pain or headache in the common cold or flu. Always read the leaflet.